Link Resource Development Institute
We facilitate individuals & organizations to pursue a vision by Challenging leaders to bring out the very best in others Enhancing the leadership capacities of key staff and managers Coaching to a higher standard Focusing on our Customer's business targets Supporting the fastest possible gains for our Customers
We facilitate performance improvement by: Differentiating our Customers among competitors. Providing accurate data on current capabilities and limitations. Developing existing talents in the Customer's organization and better equipping them to perform. Motivating participants, encouraging engagement and commitment. Encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own development. Process flow Establishing and running an Assessment Centre Building the assessment tool based on Customer's Success Principles, Values and Competencies Running the Assessment Giving fair and valid feedback on strengths and development areas provided by our Hay Group Certified Assessors Assisting in closing development gaps by offering: Individual Development Plan for all participants Specific Solutions for Individuals, Teams and Organization Evaluating the Assessment Centre impact by measuring: Participants' reaction Participants' learning Behavioral changes Business impact
PERSONAL & EXECUTIVE COACHING We assist our customers in creating high performance leaders. We support individuals and teams to implement change and transform organizations. We help leaders refine the skills underpinning critical decision making. Our coaching expertise delivers results by: Partnering with you using insights, observations and research Tailoring and using adequate practice concepts and strategies to meet diverse needs Offering practical solutions that relate to real life business situations One on one coaching for individuals and group based coaching for teams
Our professional trainers are experienced and certified by prestigious training institutes and companies: Cambridge Management Consultants, Coaching and Leadership International Inc., Development Dimensions International, Harvard Negotiation Project, Herrmann International, Horn Interactive Inc., Inscape Publishing, Insights Learning & Development Ltd., Koanetic Consulting International, Management Centre Europe, Priority Management Systems Inc., The Sales Training Consultancy, Total Success, Wilson Learning Centre, etc. We choose and tailor our training methods to our Customer's identified needs and purposes Courses (lectures) - provide new and complete information Group discussions and workshops - generate new ideas and solutions Role-playing exercises - help aquire social skills Skills development exercises - a sure way to practice key skills Simulations - develop abilities at group (team) level Coaching - develop individual capacities Consultancy - provides coherence in transmitting information, and in managerial development We deliver more than 40 unique and distinctive training programs in the following fields: Skill Development Programs Effective Management Skills Leadership Development Behavioral Skills Conflict Management Resolution Business Essentials Strategy Essentials Team building
SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS 1Selling Concepts and Ideas 2Advanced Selling Concepts 3Basic Presentation Skills 4Advanced Presentation Skills EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT SKILLS 5Performance Management 6Time & Self Management 7Territory Management & Prospecting 8Tactical Territory Management 9Planning and Conducting Successful Meetings 10Targeted Selection 11Decision Making 12Focus on Results - Group Decision Making 13Developing a Strategic Action Plan 14Developing Your People One on One 15Business Planning for Maximum Results 16Leading Self - Leading others 17Coaching for High Performance 18Building a Winning Team Culture LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT 19Situational Leadership 20Situational Self Leadership 21Effective Leadership through Peer Coaching 22Managing and Leading People 23Managing Complex Situations / Customers 24Employee Motivation 25Team Building
BEHAVIORAL SKILLS 26Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument 27Insight into Personal Effectiveness 28Team Insight into Personal Effectiveness 29Six Thinking Hats 30DISC CONFLICT MANAGEMENT RESOLUTION 31Conflict Management 32Difficult Conversation 33Negotiation Skills BUSINESS ESSENTIALS 34Budgeting 35Creating a Business Case 36Making Business Decisions 37Solving Business Problems 38Project Management 39Managing Crises 40Capitalizing on Change 41Focusing on Your Customer 42Managing for Creativity and Innovation 43Implementing Innovation STRATEGY ESSENTIALS 44Implementing strategy 45Measuring Business Performance 46Think strategically
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