Money Express, no.150, May 25 2010 A niche in a niche: First year, first million The balance of a team of former pharma execs who have decided to shift to entrepreneurship read more
Capital, no.867, page 1, May 5 2010 In the family doctor’s office with a handful of coupons Learn more about co-payment. read more, April 6 2010 Co-payment wins and gains Encouragement of bureaucracy and limitation of access to medical services are two of the effects of co-payment. read more, April 1 2010 Pharma consultancy: first year - first million Euro Pharma industry consultancy firm Link Resource has reached a 2009 turnover of about 1 million Euros, from industrial, management and execution consultancy services in the healthcare industry. read more
Ziarul Financiar, no.2664, page 7, April 1 2010 A consultant can earn as much as a company manager, former pharma execs say Dragos Dinu tells us that earnings from consultancy may equal those from the private pharma sector. read more
Ziarul Financiar (, March 31 2010 A consultant can earn as much as a company manager, former pharma execs say Dragos Dinu, former CEO of pharmaceutical group A&D Pharma, and Nicolae Voiculescu, former head of Novartis Romania, are of the opinion that one can earn as much from consulting as in a private company. read more, March 31 2010 Link Resource estimates 20-25% business growth Link Resource estimates a 2010 turnover on the rise, up to 1,3 million euros, after exceeding the amount of 1 million Euros last year. read more, March 30 2010 An ultra-niche business with a first year profit of one million Euro First year, first million: this is how the balance sounds for the team of ex- executives from pharma industry who decided to become entrepreneurs. read more, September 22 2009 Consultancy - the treatment of ex-pharma executives. 'The time has come for me to become my own boss', several top pharma executives said to themselves. Among them, Dragos Dinu (ex-A&D Pharma), Nicolae Voiculescu (ex-Novartis). Their business cards now read 'Consultant'. read more, May 5 2009 Dinu, Link Resource: The private medical services market should double within the next two years The weight of private medical services in Romania is as low as 5 % of total medical services. This is an insignificant percentage. read more, December 17 2008 Dragos Dinu is the new partner of consultancy firm Link Resource Dragos Dinu gave up his position of General Manager at A&D Pharma in August, after six years of leading the group. He will offer consultancy to the firm until the end of this year. read more, December 17 2008 Dragos Dinu becomes a Link Resource partner Thus, the company managed by Nicolae Voiculescu, with a "one-stop-shop" structure, unique in the Romanian market, accumulates aggregated experience of more then half of century in the pharma and medical services industry. read more, December 17 2008 Ex A&D CEO Dragos Dinu at Link Resource Dragos Dinu gave up his position of the director of A&D Pharma in August. read more, May 20 2008 NNDKP-Link Resource , the strategic alliance for consultancy and execution services Find out what this services are all about... read more, May 19 2008 Link Resource and NNDKP jointly offer consultancy services This alliance provides integrated services of legal, management and execution consultancy for the pharma and medical industry. read more
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